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If your Fuseboard is not up to standards then upgrade it with our complete supply, install and certify package.

Complete Consumer Unit Solution

A consumer unit is the “fuse box” which goes between the electricity meter and all the electrical circuits in the house. Modern units do not contain fuses, but MCBs. The ones fitted by Amara also contain an extra protective device called an RCD.

As soon as there is a problem the RCD cuts the electrical power to the affected circuit in milliseconds.  This is an essential home upgrade and Amara’s complete consumer unit solution, at just £550 makes it a very affordable one. That’s not the only reason to upgrade though.

Four Reasons to Upgrade your Consumer Unit

If your property has an out-dated fuse board, it’s certainly a smart decision to have a new one professionally installed. Indeed, there are a number of reasons to upgrade your domestic or commercial consumer unit.  Solutions is discussing a few of them:

  1.  Comply with electrical wiring regulations
    Many homes around the country contain consumer units that are not compliant with electrical regulations. Having a new fuse board installed will ensure that you adhere to electrical wiring regulation requirements.
  2. Improve safety
    Old fuse boards and non-compliant consumer units jeopardise the electrical safety of your home or commercial property. By upgrading your fuse board, everyone who comes into your property will benefit from increased safety standards and be safe from the risk of electric shock.
  3. Peace of mind
    In complying with electrical regulations and improving the safety standards of your property, you’ll ease your conscience, and benefit from better peace of mind – safe in the knowledge that things are working as they should. Ensuring your electrical system is running efficiently and safely is essential.
  4. Cost effective home upgrade
    If you are worried that upgrading your consumer unit will be expensive, it’s not. Amara will change your old fuse board or out-dated consumer unit for £275. This includes a 10 way consumer unit and we will provide you with the electrical certificate to state it complies with building regulations for no additional cost. One price for a complete solution.
New 10 Way Consumer Unit
  • Supplied
  • Installed
  • Certified By A NICEIC Contractor
  • With surge protection device (SPD)

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